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  • agraphesthesia — agraph·es·the·sia (ə graf″es theґzhə) inability to recognize characters drawn on the skin, a form of tactile agnosia; called also graphanesthesia …   Medical dictionary

  • Postcentral gyrus — Infobox Brain Name = Postcentral gyrus Latin = gyrus postcentralis GraySubject = 189 GrayPage = 823 Caption = Postcentral gyrus of the human brain. Caption2 = Brodmann areas 3, 1 and 2 of human brain. Brodmann area 3 is in red, area 1 in green,… …   Wikipedia

  • Behavioral neurology — is a subspecialty of neurology that studies the neurological basis of behavior, memory, and cognition, the impact of neurological damage and disease upon these functions, and the treatment thereof. Two fields associated with behavioral neurology… …   Wikipedia

  • graphanesthesia — Tactual inability to recognize figures or letters written on the skin; may be due to spinal cord or brain disease. [G. graphe, writing + anaisthesia, fr. an priv. + aisthesis, perception] * * * graph·an·es·the·sia (graf an″es theґzhə)… …   Medical dictionary